Time Zone Map


Time Zone Map us time zones map current local time in usa 960 X 596 pixels

Time Zone Map. primordial world maps and cartography are some of the world's most under-appreciated treasures. primordial maps are not lonesome historical gems, but they can as well as be lovely pieces of art. Some of the primordial known Time Zone Map were drawn by the ancient Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians, and Chinese. The ancient Greek astronomer, Ptolemy, drew one of the primordial world maps. Today's experts have recreated the Ptolemy map.

During the middle ages in Europe, Time Zone Map making declined somewhat due to the leading philosopher's fascination in religion. Priests during the European middle ages preferred to concentrate on religion and spirituality rather than geography. even though there were some maps drawn, such as Anglo-Saxon maps, Europe yet had a lot of catching occurring to get next Asia where map-making was concerned. During the middle ages, the Chinese were leading next Time Zone Map making sophistication.

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